Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gimme Shelter Contest Announcement & Advertainment

I’ve spaced out on this D&D Blog because a buddy was in a coma, then died. To paraphrase the rapper Noreaga, “I didn’t want to make a D&D thing, my buddy just died.” I already got good use of the actual lyric earlier this year, “My excuse is my pops just died, and I ain’t wanna make music, my pop’s just died” (Invincible Capone-N-Noreaga). There have been a quite a few blown saves this year, but that how it goes.

But all this downer shit is ultimately for the best because it has D&D applications! Stay tuned for posts on a Misery Index Rule system. Sorta like sanity rules, but a measure of the awful shit that hits a character: fallen comrades, illithid attacks, existential dread. I think I’m going to try and work up something fun and interesting on this tip for the post apocalyptic game I’m going to run soon. Been kicking ideas around in my head and will share some soon.

The real purpose of this post is crassly commercial. Back on Halloween, Peryton Publishing released a Crawlspace scenario I wrote, Gimme Shelter. The players take the roles of marginalized individuals who may or may not have secret information about Alien Demons. Contemporary horror stumbling through Cleveland, Ohio, chased from bars and libraries and framed for crimes while ducking creatures and cops.

John G did the cover and an interior piece, and I think they both look pretty great, and convey the tone of how we play. John and I have been friends forever and worked on plenty of schemes and projects together. Our freshman year of highschool John got us invited to play D&D in a garage with candles and cool teenage clubhouse vibe. We both didn't get invited back because we were too disruptive. I don't remember what it was we did. Might be something related to what the Battlelords of the 23rd Century dude inscribed in a book we shared, "Inner turmoil forever." I'm glad Tom from Peryton was cool with me pulling in my own guy.

So at the very least it looks cool. It is written as more of a framework than a step by step adventure, so there is enough stuff that can be readily dropped into contemporary, near future or near past horror game.

Past sessions have had characters punching through walls in Ghost Wife Power Armor to explore alien laboratories in preparation for battling yuppies and commandeering yuppie yachts, an obnoxious yet strangely charismatic laborer enlisting a squadron of mad men to take control of a robot army, and a world weary social worker who watched on in defeated resignation as the history’s largest rally (devival) proclaiming the way of Bob Dobbs happened within the confines of a telephone booth.

In the book you’ll find a cast of weird characters and sets of mundane places and a list of Weird Shit to add to the mix.

If you, reader of this blog, would like a free, physical, paper copy mailed to your door, for absolutely free, leave a comment on this post saying so. In ten days, December 1, 2015 I’ll randomly select one lucky winner. If your commenting login isn’t tied to your google plus account, make sure there is some way I can then contact you if you are the winner.

New shit should be coming soon, like a recap of the last DCC R&PL session that was already over a month ago, Misery Index shit, Post Apocalypse stuff, and some writing for a sci-fi mining tragedy funnel I’ll be running at Bash Con in Toledo, Ohio in February.  

Me and artist John G circa 1987.