Thursday, February 18, 2016

1d12 Table: Office Small Talk for a Stultifying Corporate Future on Water Outpost

I saw an image macro today about 1984 being Totalitarianism, Blade Runner being Capitalism, and Star Trek being Democratic Socialism. This table could work in any of those futures! So long as there are jobs, there will be soulsucking small talk. This works well with the 100 Occupations from a few weeks ago, and will be getting a test run at BASHCon on Sunday.

Use thes as a starting point for fascinating conversations with NPCs!

Small Talk Table
        1. I just got the New Valued Employee Badge, I think I’m going to make it my profile default.
        2. Did you hear Hooks found some bacteria in the line up in desalination? They think it's Life. Like Discovered!
        3. Word is some college research team is gonna be coming out here.
        4. Have you seen the “mew” clean bot? It looks just like Agit-Cat! It’s the best.
        5. I chatted with my dad yesterday. He said the consciousness upload is awesome. Like better than being alive even.
        6. I’m at 67% achievement completion for consciousness upload priority! And I’ve only worked here for 43 years!
        7. Have you talked to Mike in accounting since he went digital? I always liked him. Now he’s even more helpful and fun!
        8. Did you hear about Mike in accounting? He was only at 95% completion for consciousness upload. But they traded the rest of his achievements in exchange for his Passing Benefit. They treat us so good, it makes me want to cry sometimes.
        9. Did you hear about that, pardon my language; asshole on Io? That… Oh, he makes me so mad.... But that A-hole, he had an illegal Consciousness Assistant!
        10. Dude! They read my comment first on Civil Commons: Review Cast! I said that we have to consider both sides before deciding, if we want to be an engaged citizen.
        11. Ohemji! Did you see the Real Heroes of Regular Everyday that just posted? Ho man! Kinderman was paragliding above sharks and he went one handed and sang at the same time. It was CRAZY. I had to comment like eight times, and then reply to my replies. It took a while but that was so awesome. And I made headway towards getting an achievement that will put me closer to getting on the show!
        12. Did you see the Unistat Amber Alert post! It’s so so so scary. How can POENAH Purity of Essence Nihilist Anarchist Horde Hobbysheet #4 even exist? Why would anyone even want to think like that?

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