Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Adventure Scenario Part Two of Scream Bloody Gore: Zombie Ritual

The following is the outline of a scenario to be run using your favorite fantasy role playing game. Lamentations of the Flame Princess, DCC RPG, Tunnels & Trolls1, OSR clones, D&D (whatever except fourth) and even Dungeon World should all work alright. Stats are left intentionally vague or ignored. This is the second of a ten part series of adventure scenarios inspired by Death's debut album Scream Bloody Gore, sometimes considered the first death metal record.


The party arrives at the outside of a cave. From within torchlight flickers and sounds of perverse pleasure can be heard piercing ritualized chanting. 
>Mən dit parçalamaq, heç bir zərər ilə mənə geri gələcək kimi, ekastase qaçırılmaq ola bilər ki, mənim söz eşitmək mənim arzu yerinə yetirmək və ehtiyac yerinə yetirmək, mənim heupe yeni həyat ayı Godin yalvarmaq, belə ki!<
If any degree of stealth is employed the cave may be entered without the notice of its inhabitants. 

Once inside a cadre of young people can be seen chanting and passing around an ornate goblet. They are very focused with what they are doing and can be watched unnoticed unless some sort of ruckus is made by the observers.

A few moments after drinking from the cup, each individual cries out in an ecstatic anguish, and writhing maggots pour forth from its orifices.

There is an orgy of anthropophagia and depraved necrophilia. 

Blood violence gore and maggots litter the cave.

Characters ought make a wisdom check, or will saving throw, or sanity type check. 
On a fail, good paladin types get enraged, evil weirdo types get enthralled or aroused, those without a strong alignment pull get sickened.

If not engaged the newly turned zomboid creatures will be content to feast and fuck on and in the carrion until sweet annihilation comes in orgiastic fervor. If they are disturbed, they will attack as a standard zombie with the addition of carrying Zombie Maggots. Unlike standard zombies, they are fascinated with their own devourment, either by another zombie or through autophagia, and are thusly readily distracted. Character's fleeing are unlikely to be pursued. 

If any of the maggots are within 20 feet of a humanoid it will crawl toward them. Treat them as rot grubs or equivalent for combat purposes. If they are able to enter a character, the process of Zombie Maggot Infestation begins (see below).

The goblet that had been passed around appears to be extremely valuable. It is the Goblet of Ydricebonon. It radiates magic and chaos.
Anyone who touches the goblet must make a saving throw or be compelled to drink its contents. It is filled with Vile Gore! You want more! Character is at end stages of Zombie Maggot Infestation. Gloves protect against its effects, but carrying it on one's person carries a one percent cumulative chance per day that Zombie Maggot infestation will begin. Mad necromancers, bored aristocrats and other evil types will pay handsomely for this item.

Zombie Maggot Infestation
Zombie Maggots are crawling toward your brain. It is an unusual sensation of pleasure and pain.
Each game round (or unit of time lasting approximately 6-10 seconds) the infected character gains one ZMI point per maggot he or she is host to, or 10 per maggot for each minute.
Any holy spell, cure wounds, bless, will delay the onset of the zombie madness by reducing the ZMI point by 100 per level of the spell.
The infestation can be removed with a cleansing ritual conducted by a level 8 or higher cleric. The cost of materials for the ritual is 4000 gp.
A 5th level magic-user can transmute the infestation. This however has undesirable side effects as determined by the referee. The cost of transmutation materials is 500 gp.

ZMI Points
Zero and below
Symptom free
Beginnings of zombie maggot infestation. At this stage it is somewhat pleasant and euphoric. Characters more foolhardy than normal and have a +1 to checks against fear effects.
Zombie maggot infestation is progressing. Characters are immune to fear effects. Characters fantasize about their own death and annihilation. There are chances for them to DREAM REAL.
Zombie maggot infestation is very advanced. Characters are unable to concentrate on anything except their dreams and fantasies. The waking world exists in a haze. They are no longer able to eat vegetables or cooked meat.
End stages of zombie maggot infestation. The character becomes a zombie in 1d4 rounds.

Next up: Denial of Life! Anyone reading this? Is any of it useful for your game? What are you playing? Would detailed stats be helpful, or do just make it up anyway?

1 Tom, my bad for forgetting in the first post.