Friday, August 21, 2015

DCC RPG Patron: The Red King of A Red & Pleasant Land

I'm going to be running a game in A Red & Pleasant Land and decided to use DCC RPG as the rule set. As I was reading through the material and making notes I had the idea of the Monarchs making great patrons. I kept on thinking, and the Unicorn and Sphinx might make good ones too. I decided to do the Red King as an exercise, and its been fun. Took a few hours to come up with this, so it might be a little slow going until this is complete and get the others written and posted.

One thing I wanted to preserve was the Red King's cruelty and penchant for arbitrary injustice. That is why when he is invoked there is often a chance bad things also effecting the party, or in the case of Forget, the caster. If your patron is prone to forgetfulness, the caster might well be too.

I think it matches the feel and theme of R&PL. The one thing that I'm not sure about is that the Red King isn't a spell caster. So maybe these effects spring forth from his dreams.

So here is the Invoke Patron Check Results for the Red King. Patron Taint, Spells and Spellburn effects coming soon.

Vlad Vortigen The Red King
Though the ruler of Southern Voivodja is cruel and quick to anger, his schemes and machinations occasionally benefit from the assistance of a mortal.

Invoke Patron Check Results:

The Red King answers the plea for assistance by putting everyone and everything within 60’ of the caster to sleep. This includes allies and vampires, or those otherwise immune to sleep. It is a normal sleep, and anyone effected may be roused normally.
The caster targets one creature or an object within 30’. If an object is targeted the spell is triggered when the object next touches a living creature. Once triggered the target loses its memory of the last 1d6 hours. No saving throw is allowed.
The caster must make a fortitude saving throw DC 10 or likewise be effected.
The Red King gives the caster the red lacquered plate of his knights. It grants the AC Bonus +8, Check Penalty -8, Speed Penalty -10’, and Fumble die d16 of Full plate. It also visibly marks the caster as a follower of the Red King. Any Red Knights will take great offense at one not of their rank wearing their armor. The armor fades like the memory of a dream after 1d4 quarter hours has passed.
A Red Pawn of level 1d3 is put into the service of the caster. It resents its assignment but begrudgingly follows orders until sent elsewhere by the Red King.
The caster may send anyone, including the caster within the immediate area to the quiet side. There is no limit to the number of beings that may be transported.
Nightmares burst forth from the dreams of all creatures (including allies) within 50’ of the caster. They torment those from whose souls they sprang, doing 1d4 Personality damage per round until a will saving throw DC 20 is made. The caster may dismiss one nightmare per round.
Pikes erupt from the ground or floor in a 25’ radius, impaling all those present for 3d8 damage, Reflex Save DC 20 for half damage. Vampires rolling natural 1s on the save are staked and slain.
Caster targets creatures of HD equal to spell check number (including allies if there are not sufficient enemies, or animals present). They burst into a puddle of blood. A fortitude saving throw DC 25 negates the effect.

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