Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Adventure Scenario Part One of Scream Bloody Gore: Infernal Death

The following is the outline of a scenario to be run using your favorite fantasy role playing game. Lamentations of the Flame Princess, DCC RPG, OSR clones, D&D (whatever except fourth) and even Dungeon World should all work alright. Stats are left intentionally vague or ignored. It is the first part of a ten part series of adventure scenarios inspired by Death's debut album Scream Bloody Gore, sometimes considered the first death metal record.

This adventure series can either be dropped into an ongoing campaign, be run as a one off, or act as the start of a campaign. 

You have been pursued by the Baron's men since the village of Mantas. What did you do to get on the Baron's bad side?

If the party is not forthcoming with their misdeeds and treachery, roll 1d10 to determine for them.
  1. You discovered evidence of the Baron's fraternization with demons. He will stop at nothing to recover the abyssal scroll which bears his seal.
  2. The Baron is embarrassed by his offspring's publicly casual attitude toward sexual experimentation and has taken to exacting harsh punishment upon all partners.
  3. The party had been hired by the Baron to poison a well and make it look like the work of a rival. While successfully causing the painful death of half a village ever so discretely, the Baron can not allow loose ends to run around willy-nilly.
  4. While acting as attendants, the party filled the Baron's Blood Tankard with wine.
  5. The Baron's niece fled to escape a marriage of political convenience. The party was hired to bring her home. They did not.
  6. "So you have spoken, and from your speaking gifts will come to you." The Baron only wishes to deliver what is due.
  7. While most is permitted during the Carnival of Excess, the party managed to step outside that which is deemed acceptable behavior and insulted the Baron.
  8. The baron took grave offence at the name of their adventuring band.
  9. The Archgoat of the region took an the party under his wing. The Baron will strike at his rivals in every way possible.
  10. The Baron's agents determined the party walks the Sinister Path.

In order to avoid the watchful eye of the wrathful Baron, the party has taken to traveling under the cloak of darkness so that they might safely escape His realm.

The darkness is pierced by a glowing at the horizon. Upon closer inspection it may be determined that the glow originates from bonfires.

As the party nears these bonfires are funeral pyres. Ten are burning in the immediate area. On a successful listen roll cries of anguish can be heard before they are extinguished by the blaze.

A lone figure attends to the fires. He wears the vestments of a priest of the area's dominant deity.
He seems frightened, nervous and distracted.

If engaged he will provide the following information:
  • His village has been plagued by the walking dead.
  • Torching the dying is the only way to appease their god and prevent them from rising upon death.
  • Though some innocents are killed this way, it beats the alternative.
  • The dead procreate in some sinister manner, how exactly is unknown.
  • This has happened for as long as anyone can remember, returning in times of moral decay.
  • Tonight ten souls were burned: The Shellworks, Ralf and Rohesia, and their four children; Old Bartolomen, the hermit; Agnes the Crone; Drengen the swineherd; and three travelling peddlers whose names are all lost.
  • The unnamed Shellworks infant has not yet been immolated. It must first have its naming ceremony.
The priest will burn the child and return to his prayers.
Lo we traverse the worlds of death
The hallucinations in the mind of a mad god
So too do we
Create bastard worlds for our dreams and madness
So we mock the locusts and ground our feet
And with the click of a heel return

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